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There is a new investigative report on vehicle impoundments in the City of Santa Barbara. To see the latest version, with new appendices and spreadsheets attached, press here

To see a summary of this report, press here

To see a new report on the myth of the dangerous unlicensed driver, press here

Several groups have asked about how to request documents on impoundments under the California Public Records Act. For a copy of the request submitted to the Santa Barbara Police Department for documents used in the recent report: press here

For a copy of PUEBLO's response the failure to produce certain requested documents, press here

For a copy of the correspondence between me (Trenholme) and the SBPD and City Attorney in 2006 when I attempted on my own to secure documents, press here

Over the past several years thousands of editorials, newspaper and television stories, books, and letters to the editor have appeared asserting "facts" about undocumented ("illegal") immigrants. Many of these assertions are demonstrably false and some echo racist anti-immigrant slurs that have occurred throughout human history. Immigration policy is a complex issue that is of vital importance for the nation as a whole and for millions of individual human beings, both citizens and immigrants. A fair and intelligent discussion of immigration policy requires accurate information. At present, the discussion has been highly biased because of a preponderance of false and infammatory anti-immigrant claims. This website aims to correct many of these through the presentation of documented facts--government statistics, impartial studies, and bi-partisan reports. It also provides links to many of the source documents.

This web site contains essays on a variety of immigration-related topics. In many cases these deal not only with factual errors but with errors of reasoning and argument. One glaring example of an error of reasoning that permeates anti-immigrant arguments is a conflation of decisions about future immigration policy with decisions about how to treat long-term resident undocumented immigrants, especially those families with minor children (many U.S. citizens). A policy which may make sense with respect to future immigration policy may be inhumane and economically and socially destructive when applied to the millions of immigrant families currently integrated into the American society and economy.

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Common Falsehoods about Immigrants

A Brief Compilation of False Claims about Immigrants

Immigrant Stereotypes

Labeling Immigrants

Immigrants are not "Illegals"

Political Manipulation of the Immigration Issue:
A Consultant's Advice of Feeding Anti-Immigrant Attitudes

The Economic Effects of Immigration:

The effect of immigration on the wages of American workers:
A Critical Analysis of Claims of Thom Hartman and George Borjas

The Cost of Immigration to Taxpayers

Attacks on Immigrants for Causing a Population Growth

Immigration and Population Growth

Calls to "Secure the Borders" to Prevent Terrorism

"Secure our borders!": Terrorism and the Mexican Border

Social and Cultural Issues Involving Immigration

Learning English
Gangs and Crime
Cultural Values

How Should Immigrants Currently Living in the United States be Treated?

Humane Treatment of Current Immigrants and Future Policy

Legality Does Not Equal Morality

Covert Tolerance of Informal Immigration by the United States Goverment

The Immigrant Experience

Letters to Newspapers

Response to Christian Science Monitor Anti-Immigrant Editorials

Anti-immigrant Policies and Opinions in Santa Barbara County

Report on Impoundment of Vehicles
Driven by Undocumented Immigrants in the City of Santa Barbara
8/12/10 (this is the new report)

Response to an Anti-Immigrant Diatribe by Randy Alcorn Columnist for the
Santa Barbara News-Press

Response to Dr. Laura Schlesinger's Attack on Immigrants in the News-Press


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